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Historical Records of New Zealand

Mr. J. Busby To Governor Sir Thomas Brisbane

Mr. J. Busby To Governor Sir Thomas Brisbane.

Sydney,19th June, 1824.


Having accidentally learned the circumstances under which H.M. colonial brig Elizabeth Henrietta, now on shore at New Zealand, was about to be abandoned, and having had some experience in taking off stranded vessels, it occurred to me that the application of means with which I am acquainted might be successful in getting her off. I communicated my opinion to Major Ovens, by whom I was favoured with the perusal of Captain Coe’s (of H.M.S. Tees) letter on the subject. I have also conversed with the officer who commanded the party employed page 650 to get her afloat; and after fully considering the information I have procured, I am of opinion that were the vessel my own property, I would hazard a considerable sum in making the attempt, and therefore, should Your Excellency think fit to send me to New Zealand, I am ready to exert my best efforts to save her. I am induced to offer my services in this undertaking from the consideration that there is a vessel about to sail for the purpose of bringing off the stores and cargo, and that the crew of the vessel, consisting of sixteen men, with the assistance of two ship-carpenters, appears to me to be sufficient to bring into action the means I would employ. Were it to be attended with any considerable expense I should not have advised the measure, nor ventured to incur the responsibility.

I have, &c.,

John Busby.

His Excellency Sir Thomas Brisbane, K.C.B., Governor in Chief, &c., &c.