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Historical Records of New Zealand

John Gladstone to Under-Secretary Horton

John Gladstone to Under-Secretary Horton.

Gloster, 30th June, 1825.

My dear Sir,—

The object of this note is to introduce Captain Reynolds, with his protegee Tippahe Cupa, the New Zealand chief, with whose history you are already fully and well acquainted. One of his great objects and causes of an anxiety to visit England was to see His Majesty the King. I hope it may not be difficult to gratify him in this respect.

As the New Zealand Commercial Company are now preparing a ship to sail soon for New Zealand, I should suppose it would be a very favorable opportunity for sending the chief home, as he is desirous to return. I understand his part of the island abounds in flax and fine mast timbers, which may afford a further inducement to them. Perhaps you will take the trouble to send to Mr. Lyall, or mention the matter to him. If this plan page 640 should not be agreeable to them, and that you send him by the way of Port Jackson, I hope you will be good enough to instruct the Governor how he is to be forwarded from thence to New Zealand, as I am informed the opportunities are otherwise rare and uncertain.

Believe, &c.,

John Gladstone.

R. Wilmot Horton, Esq., &c., &c. Captain Reynolds has been put to a heavy expence in various ways on the chief’s account. I hope means may be found by the Government to indemnify him. How this may best be done you know much better than I do.—J. G.