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Historical Records of New Zealand

Rev. N. Turner to Secretary, Wesleyan Society

Rev. N. Turner to Secretary, Wesleyan Society.

Kiddie Kiddie, New Zealand, April 5th, 1825.

Rev. and dear Fathers,—

Our brethren of the Church Missionary Society, who have just held their quarterly meeting here, at which meeting page 635 I read them the account transmitted to you in my letter of March the 25th, the contents of which they approve, but think that the case of the death of George’s father ought to be more fully explained, in order that the subject may appear in its proper light. He was not killed in the act of taking the Boyd, as might be supposed from the manner in which I have stated the subject. After the vessel was taken, and the captain and crew murdered, the natives got the powder-casks up into the cabin, and having exposed the powder, they began to try the musketts over the same, when it took fire, and blew up eight of them, amongst whom was Pepe, the father of George, and in this way be came by his death, when no European was near him. And for this circumstance in connection with the death of George (in case of his death), his will is that our property, if not our lives, are to fall into the hands of the natives.

From a serious review of the whole affair, it still remains the unanimous opinion of our friends that we ought not to remain at Wangaroa.

Things are now again wearing a more gloomy aspect, and I fear we shall all have to quit our post, and that very soon.

In great haste.

I remain, &c.

Nathl. Turner.

To the Secretaries of the Wesleyan Missionary Society, 77 Hatton Garden, London.