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Historical Records of New Zealand

Lord Palmerston To Captain Hobson, R.N

page 748

Lord Palmerston To Captain Hobson, R.N.

No 1, Foreign Office, 13th August, 1839.


The Islands of New Zealand have long been resorted to by British subjects, on account of the valuable articles of commerce which those islands produce, and by reason of the peculiar advantages which they offer to whaling ships requiring repair; but the nearness of those islands to the British penal settlements of New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land has also led to their being resorted to as an asylum for fugitive British convicts, and such persons, having associated with men left in New Zealand by whaling ships and other vessels, have formed a society which indispensably requires the check of some controlling authority. Her Majesty’s Government have therefore deemed it expedient to station at New Zealand an officer with the character and powers of a British Consul; and I have the satisfaction to acquaint you that the Queen has been graciously pleased to select you for that appointment.

I enclose you herewith the Queen’s Commission as Her Majesty’s Consul in New Zealand.

You will lose no time in making yourself practically conversant with the details of the consular service, and with the nature and extent of your duties.

The general instructions to Her Majesty’s Consuls, of which a copy is herewith enclosed, contain full directions for the guidance of your official conduct on all ordinary occasions; and special instructions on particular points will be given to you from time to time as occasion may require. I also enclose to you copies of circular despatches dated 30th Sept., 1833, and 1st Oct., 1836, and I have to call your particular attention to the direction contained in these despatches enjoining the careful preservation of the archives of the consulate.

You will be punctual in forwarding at the regular periods the returns required by the general instructions; and it will be your duty to avail yourself of every favorable opportunity for collecting and transmitting to me any useful or interesting information relative to commerce, navigation, agriculture, and any other branch of statistics.

You will receive a salary of £500 a year, commencing ten days before the day of your embarkation, and you will consider yourself restricted from engaging in mercantile pursuits.

I am, &c.,


Captain Hobson, R.N., &c., &c.