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Historical Records of New Zealand

Rev. S. Marsden to Rev. J. Pratt. [Extracts.]

page 631

Rev. S. Marsden to Rev. J. Pratt. [Extracts.]

Sydney, 4th Nov., 1824

Rev. and dear Sir,—

I have drawn upon you for supplies sent to New Zealand to the amount of £406 12s. 6d. sterg. At the end of December you shall have a complete statement of the accounts up to that period. You will have seen Barren Field, Esq., who arrived in England 20th of June, and from him you would receive all my documents and other information. I have little doubt but things will go on much better in New Zealand, and that the mission will succeed in the end. I am getting on with the seminary very fast; I have 6 youths with me at present, who improve well, and behave well. I had ten, but four are returned to New Zealand. In about one month or less I shall have the N. Zealanders in the new building, as there will be enough to accommodate them, with the schoolmaster. A man and his wife who is a weaver, and can instruct them in all the branches of the flax business, is now living in the school untill the other parts of the building are completed. When I went to New Zealand I took over 1 horse and 2 mares; all young: one mare got into swamp and died. The entire horse and mare were very fine. I directed Mr. Davis to take charge of them for the Society, and use them in agriculture. The sum I charge for them is £80, if the Society take them.

I am. &c.,

Saml. Marsden.