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Historical Records of New Zealand

[Enclosure No. 5.] — J. Backhouse, Esq., To James Stephen, Esq

page 744

[Enclosure No. 5.]
J. Backhouse, Esq., To James Stephen, Esq.

Foreign Office, December 31st, 1838.


I have laid before Viscount Palmerston your letters of the 12th and 24th inst., suggesting the expediency of appointing a Consul at New Zealand; and I am to state in reply that Lord Palmerston concurs in the opinion expressed by Lord Glenelg upon this subject, and will take the necessary steps for including the salary and expenses of that Consul in the consular estimate.

Lord Palmerston further directs me to state that, considering the purposes and objects for which this appointment is to be made, His Lordship would be glad to know if there is any person whom Lord Glenelg thinks peculiarly qualified for the situation.

I am, &c.,

J. Backhouse.

James Stephen, Esq., &c.