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Historical Records of New Zealand

Note in Alexander McLeay’s Handwriting in Reply to above

Note in Alexander McLeay’s Handwriting in Reply to above.

From the manner in which Mr. B. states his case, it appears to me that he looks for some percentage on the value saved, by way of salvage, but as an officer of the Govt. this cannot of course be granted to him. There is no doubt however that he is entitled or rather that he deserves to receive something beyond his pay in this case, and whatever it may be I submit that it should be by way of gratuity. In valuing the property saved Mr. B. includes an item of £1,000 as his estimate of the importance of saving the vessel and flax, independent of the actual value of both, but such an item cannot possibly be allowed. When this therefore is deducted, the actual value of the property saved by him, according to his own account, is about £16,000. Perhaps 5 per cent, on that sum would be a reasonable gratuity. £1,000 would be only 6 1/4 per cent.