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Historical Records of New Zealand

Captain Cook to Captain Furneaux

Captain Cook to Captain Furneaux.

Whereas several months must elapse before his Majesty’s sloops Resolution and Adventure can proceed on discoverys to the south, my intention therefore is to employ that time in exploring the unknown parts of the sea to the east and north, by first proceeding to the east, between the latitude of 41° and 45° south, untill I arrive in the longitude of 140° or 135 west of Greenwich. If in this rout I discover no land, then to proceed directly to the Island of Othahiete, where I intend to take in water and wood, refreshments as are to be got, afterwards to return back to this place by the shortest rout, and after taking in wood and water to proceed to the south, in order to explore the unknown parts of the sea between the meridian of New Zealand and Cape Horn. You are therefore hereby required and directed to put to sea, and proceed with me with his Majesty’s sloop under your command; and in case of seperation by any unavoidable accident before we reach Otahiete, you are first to look for me in the same place you last saw me, and not meeting me in three days you are to proceed to Matavai Bay, in the Island of Otahiete, where you are to waite untill the 20th of August; if I do not arrive before that time then to put to sea, and make the best of uyour way back to this place, where you are to waite untill the 20th of November. Not being join’d by me by that time, you are to put to sea and carry into execution there Lordships’ instructions.

Given under my hand, on board his Majesty’s sloop Resolution, in Queen Charlotte’s Sound, New Zealand, the 4th day of June, 1773.