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Historical Records of New Zealand

Captain Cook to Mr. Banks* (Banks Papers)

Captain Cook to Mr. Banks* (Banks Papers).

Mile End, Friday, 24 May [1776].

Capt. Cook presents his compliments to Mr. Banks, thanks him for his kind congratulations, and for the drawing of the New Zealand spruce. He will speak to Lord Sandwich to have it engraved, and, if his Lordship consents, will be obliged to Mr. Banks for a description.

Cap. Cook intends to be at the west end of the Town to-morrow morning, and thinks he could spare a few hours before dinner to sit for Mr. Dance, and will call upon him for that purpose about 11 or 12 o’clock. The stove which was in the Resolution was bought of Mr. Stephens, in or near the Poultry, on the side of the street next the river. It was supplyed by the Navy Office, and when the cabbin was reduced at Sheerness it was returned into the store there, where probably it is now.

* The original of this letter is in the possession of the Government.