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Historical Records of New Zealand

Rev. G. Erskine To Rev. R. Watson

page 622

Rev. G. Erskine To Rev. R. Watson.

Sidney, February 13th, 1824.

Reverend And Dear Sir,—

A few days ago I wrote you by the ship Competitor. A copy of our D. minutes not having been then ready, it is forwarded by this opportunity. I enclose for the Committee’s satisfaction a certificate from Dr. Bland, who attends on Mr. Leigh in his illness. I am happy to say that in the course of the few last days there appears a manifest change in Mr. Leigh, which promises recovery. I have drawn a bill order of Messrs. Carvosso, Lawry, and Mansfield, £300, towards the liquidation, of the debt on Macquarie Street chapel. This will reduce the £1,000 kindly lent us by the Committee to £700.…which sum in due time we hope to pay.

By this opportunity you will receive a clear account of the various articles taken by Mr. White to the New Zealand mission. This supply is for a full year. Mr. Leigh authorizes me to inform the Committee that the New Zealand mission cannot be carried on with that energy likely to secure success for less than £500…pr. annum. I hope the Committee will approve of the way in which the breth’n on this mission are stationed. We have done what we could, and acted for the best.

Revolutions among the preachers here, to avoid expence, should not without good cause be more frequent than two years, particularly with respect to Hobart Town. I wish for a word from the Committee as my authority against unnecessary changes.

Thank God we are well, and, I may venture to say, in a general way doing well. A revival in the Sidney Ct. I trust is near. O help us by your prayers. With my dutiful respects to the Committee.

I remain, &c.,

Geo. Erskine

The Revd. R. Watson.