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Ways and By-Ways of a Singing Kiwi with the N.Z. Divisional Entertainers in France


In case these few ramblings should see the light of day and by any mischance fall into the hands of some all-unsuspecting reader, I hasten to warn him that I make absolutely no claim to any literary ability whatsoever: so help me.

The main idea at the back of my mind, when I first set out on this, what has been to me, labour of love, was that it occurred to me that some record should be left of the formation, and subsequent doings of, the New Zealand Divisional Entertainers. Having been the senior N.C.O., with the exception of the time Sgt. Charles Cimino was with us, throughout the whole of the show's existence, from the time of its inauguration in Estaires in December, 1916, until the final performance in Germany, in February, 1919, it appears fairly certain that I am able to give a better account, with more reliable data, than anyone, and so I voluntarily accepted the task. If I extend the account to include the whole of the time covering my war service, with a few notes before and after that period, I pray they may be acceptable to you.

I am happy to include the following extract: