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Geoffrey Alley, Librarian: His Life & Work

Chapter 11 — Home on the Range

Chapter 11
Home on the Range

1 Much of the information used for this chapter has been provided by these and other members of the Alley family, to whom acknowledgement will not in general be made in footnotes. Other information is derived from personal observation, which is not documented.

2 Described thus by J.P. Whyte, p.c. 19 Apr. 1995.

3 Septic tanks are fine, up to a point, but not in areas where a large number of houses are close together on small sections.

4 The Maori name of the river, Heretaunga, was probably given by invaders from the Heretaunga region of Hawke's Bay during the land wars which were a way of life in Aotearoa during the centuries before the coming of Europeans; Sir William Hutt was a director of the New Zealand Company.

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