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The Origins of International Rivalry in Samoa: 1845–1884

IV. Contemporary Periodicals and Magazines

IV. Contemporary Periodicals and Magazines

Samoan Reporter, 1845–70. Pub. Apia. (Published by the L.M.S. Missionaries. It throws some light upon the missionaries' work in this period.)

Samoan Times. This is used by the United States Commissioner, G. H. Bates, as a source of information in his report, 1886. It was published in Apia, but I have not been able to examine copies of it in England.

New Zealand Herald, 1871. Contains articles relating to Bishop Patteson's death.

April 1876. Articles relating to Colonel Steinberger.

1883–84. Articles by Lundon on Samoa. (These, however, only reflect the opinions of certain people in New Zealand upon Samoan affairs and are, therefore, of minor importance to the general theme.)

Also articles in the Sydney Morning Herald by Carpe Diem, written to excite popular feeling against German aggressions in the Pacific—particularly New Hebrides and New Guinea.

Missionary Magazine, 1836–44. Vols. 1–8. Contains information regarding the mission in Samoa.

Wesleyan Missionary Society. Circular No. 5, 1842.

Deutsche Kolonial Zeitung. Vol. 1. Vol. 2 (September–November 1885). Pt. 1, pp. 573–576. Pt. 2, pp. 640–43, Pt. 3, pp. 703–6. Erinnerungen aus Samoa. H. Ahner.

Also relating indirectly to Samoa: Vol. 2, p. 90. Deutsche Interessen in der Südsee, p. 68. English colonial policy, p. 35. Consular Report.

Globus. Vol. 19 (July 1871), pp. 359–61. Politische und Commercielle Zustände der Samoa Inseln. Wach T. Aube.

Vol. 37 (1880), pp. 105–8, 125–28, 167–70, 186–91. Die Samoa Inseln.

Royal Geographical Society Journal. Vol. 21, 1851, pp. 222–27. Proceedings at the South Sea Islands. Samoan or Navigator Islands. J. E. Erskine.