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The Origins of International Rivalry in Samoa: 1845–1884

I. Primary Sources. Unpublished

I. Primary Sources. Unpublished


F.O. 58. Pacific Islands. Vols. 27–199.

(Consular, Domestic, and Various.)

This series includes dispatches to and from Consuls in the Society Islands, Sandwich Islands, Navigator or Samoa Islands, Fiji (till 1874), and Tonga Islands, 1844–85. It is the most valuable source of information for affairs within the islands.


C.O. 225. Western Pacific. Vols. 1–17.

Dispatches to and from the High Commissioner, Domestic, Admiralty, and Miscellaneous (1878–84). Much of the material relating to Samoa overlaps with F.O. 58. There are in addition, however, reports by the High Commissioner upon the State of Affairs in Samoa, and comments upon dispatches sent under flying seal from Samoa.

Vols. relating to Samoa, Nos. 1, 4, 6, 9, 11, 15, 17.

Index C.O. 492. Index No. 1348 (1878–84).


F.O. 93/108.

1.Treaty of Friendship, etc., between Her Majesty, August 28, 1879.
2.Convention for the Government of Apia, September 2, 1879.
3.Agreement for the Prolongation of the Convention of September 2, 1879–September 29, 1883.


C.O. 209. New Zealand.

Dispatches to and from Governors of the Colony, Domestic, Admiralty, Various.

This section deals with the schemes for the annexation of Pacific Islands that originated in New Zealand.

C.O. 209/15. Sir George Grey, 1847.

C.O. 209. Vols. 221, 223, 226, 228, 230, 231, 232, 233, 234, 235, 238—Governors Bowen, Fergusson, 1870–76, enclosing Vogel's memoranda upon annexation.

page 200

C.O. 209. Vols. 242, 243, 244—Governor Jervois, 1883–84, annexation of Samoa.

Index to Documents. C.O. 361. No. 9. Ind. 13238 (1868–70); C.O. 361. No. 10. Ind. 13239 (1871–73); C.O. 365. Ind. 13242 (1873–83).



F.O. 244. Prussia Embassy Archives, Berlin.

This consists of correspondence between the Foreign Office in London and the British Embassy, Berlin. Much of the correspondence can also be found in F.O. 64, i.e. the Foreign Office archives. In the Embassy archives are, however, the enclosures from London, consisting of dispatches and memoranda from the Consul at Samoa, the High Commissioner for the Western Pacific, and the British Ambassador in Washington. It also duplicates to a large extent the material in Samoa to be found in F.O. 5, America, which is, therefore, not included in this bibliography.

This class of documents is important as there is little published German correspondence on Samoa. It shows, to some extent, the attitude of the German Government as compared to the activities of Germans in the Pacific. Volumes enclosing correspondence on Samoa are classed usually under Slave Trade, i.e. Vols. F.O. 244/279, 275, 280, 283, 305, 306, 308 (1872–84), 314, 320, 326, 341, 343, 353, 360, 371 (1872–84).