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A year among the Maoris: study of their arts and customs

List of Illustrations

page 15

List of Illustrations

Tamati Wakanene, a Ngapuhi Chief, Commonly Known as the Father of the Treaty of Waitangi Frontispiece
Facing page
A Tattooed Chief of the Early Days 20
Deeply Tattooed Maori Chief 22
One of the Old-Time Maoris 24
Maori Woman with Moko on Chin and Lips 26
Phormium Tenax, or New Zealand Flax 30
Maori Woman Weaving a Mat 32
Weaving the Taniko Border of a Cloak 36
Women Weaving in Porch of a Maori House 38
Arawa Chief With Cloak of Kiwi Feathers 40
Chief in Dog-Skin Cloak 42
Fire Making, Where the Woman Places her Foot on the Soft Wood 46
Two Men Making Fire 50
Group of Smoked Heads 56
Fijians in Dance Costume 64
Fijians Dressed for a War Dance 65
A Fan Dance by Fijians 66
A Samoan Taupou in Dancing Dress 68
A Samoan Dance, the Taupou in Centre 70
Poi Dance by Maori Women 72
Maori Haka 74
Party of Maoris Ready to Welcome Visitors 75
Maori Girl Wearing Cloak of Pigeon Feathers, and Holding a Poi-Ball Used in Dances 76
Model Pa on Lowland 78
Corner of Pa, Showing Fighting Stage, and Ordinary Thatched Living Whare (the Round Thatched Hut is Raratongan, and was Occupied by Cook Islanders) 80
Heavy Stockading of a pa 82
Old Pa Gate Overgrown with Bush 84
New Zealand Bush, Showing the Tree Ferns in the Fore-Ground 88 page 16
Glimpse of New Zealand Bush 102
Front of Pataka 110
Carved Pillars for Interior of House 112
Interior of Carved House at Whakarewarewa 114
A Pataka 116
Interior of Carved House 118
Carved Door-Posts 120
A Carved Figure at Ohinemutu 122
A Maori war Canoe Eighty-Four Feet Long 124
Hot Pools Amidst a Maori Village 130
Woman, Wearing Rain Cloak, Cooking Food in a Hot Pool 134
A Greeting by Pressing Noses (Hongl) 140
Wife of Te Heu-Heu, Showing Maori Manner of Sitting 144
Methods of Use of War Weapons (Figs. 1, 2, 3) 150
Methods of Use of War Weapons (Figs. 4, 5, 6, 7) 152
Methods of Use of War Weapons (Figs. 8, 9, 10, 11) 154
Methods of Use of War Weapons (Figs. 12, 13, 14, 15) 156
Methods of Use of War Weapons (Figs. 16, 17, 18, 19) 158
Picturesque Settlement on the Northern Shores of Lake Waikaremoana 162
Maoris Grouped About the Carved Store-House, or Pataka 166