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“9 p.m. Sunday Night. May 17th. Full Moon

“9 p.m. Sunday Night. May 17th. Full Moon.

“Now to plan it.
“O, Kathleen, do not weave any more of these fearful meshes—for you have been so loathsomely unwise. Do take wisdom from all that you have and must still suffer. I really know that you can't stay as you are now. Be good—for the love of God—be good—and brave, and do tell the truth more and live a better life—I am tired of all this deceit—and the moon still shines—and the stars are still there—You'd better go and see the doctor tomorrow about your heart—and then try to solve all the silly drivelling problems. page 310 Go anywhere. Don't stay here—accept work—fight against people. As it is, with a rapidity unimaginable, you are going to the Devil—Pull Up Now Yourself. It is really most extraordinary that I should feel so confident of dying of heart failure—and entirely my Mother's fault.”