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Letter from Katherine Mansfield to her mother, dated Friday, 1907

“Mother dearest

“Thank you for your wire which I received today and for Chaddie's (Marie's) lovely letter—So Vera has definitely left; I can hardly realize it. What a strange household you must be feeling.
“You sound most gay at home. I am so glad.
“I wrote to Chaddie on Wednesday. Yesterday was very hot indeed. A party of us went a Round page 296 Trip to the Hamurana Spring—the Ottere Falls across Lake Rotoiti to Tikitere and then back here by coach. I confess frankly that I hate going trips with a party of tourists. They spoil half my pleasure—don't they yours—You know, one lady who is the wit of the day, and is ‘flirty,’ and the inevitable old man who becomes disgusted with everything, and the honey-moon couple. Rotorua is a happy hunting ground for these. We came back in the evening, grey with dust—hair and eyes and clothing—so I went and soaked in the Rachel bath. The tub is very large. It is a wise plan to always use the public one—and there one meets one sex very much ‘in their nakeds’—Women are so apt to become communicative on these occasions that I carefully avoid them. I came home, dined and went into town with Mrs. (Ibbett). We ended with a Priest Bath—another pleasant thing—but most curious. At first we feel attacked by Dee-pa's friends—the humble (). The bath is of aerated water—very hot, and you sit in the spring— But afterwards you”