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Letter from Katherine Mansfield to E. J. Brady, dated 23 September, 1907

“Dear Sir—

“Thank you for your letter— I liked the peremptory tone—With regard to the Vignettes I am sorry that (they) resemble their illustrious relatives to so marked an extent—and assure you—they feel very much my own—This style of work absorbs me at present but—well—it cannot be said that anything you have of mine is ‘copied’—Frankly—I hate plagiarism.

“I send you some more work—practically there is nothing local—except the ‘Botanical Gardens’ Vignette. The reason is that for the last few years London has held me very tightly—and I've not yet escaped.

“You ask for some details as to myself. I am poor— obscure—just eighteen years of age—with a voracious appetite for everything—and principles as light as my prose—

“If this pleases you—this MSS.—please know there is a great deal more where this came from—

page 275

“I am very grateful to you and very interested in your magazine—


“K. M. Beauchamp.”