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Letter from Katherine Mansfield to Mattie Putnam, dated Thursday

“Thank you indeed for Audrey—It was most good of you to bother about her at all—And you have typed it so beautifully for me. Is your room a success? I do hope so— Of course you have been busy lately— and so have I in a very pleasant sort of way—writing I mean. I am just off to Island Bay for a long day and maybe an evening—I am going to write and have to go to the sea for copy—Do bring a book and come—too—Dear—and we shall ‘paddle’ and ‘bathe’ — Don't you love the two processes?

“I wonder if you have read Lube Delinge by Father Sheehan—Father Macdonald lent it to me—some days ago—and it is very good—Oh, what a beautiful day—

“Thank you again—Dear—I feel most horrid to have bothered you so persistently about my annoying children… You have indeed been a godmother to them—and they—too—are grateful—

“Lovingly yours