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Entry from the notebooks and diaries of Katherine Mansfield, dated December 28 (1906)

“… I ought to make a good author. I certainly have the ambition and the ideas, but have I the power to carry me all through? Yes….”
“I have read enough for this afternoon. Now I want to write. Shall I be able I wonder? Here is the attempt.
“I can write nothing at all. I have many ideas but no grip of any subject. I want to write verses—but they won't come…. I cannot get a charming effect anyway. It's hatefully annoying and disheartening. But there is nothing like trying, so I shall make a further attempt. I should like to write something just a trifle mysterious—but really very beautiful and original.
The Growing of Wings.
“Try to make some sort of sketch of the whole. It will be far simpler—so to speak—block it in— For instance place your characters carefully and completely—She is born in New Zealand. At the death of her Father she is sent to London to Miss Pitts who keeps a boarding house for the young girls who wish to study at the various colleges. Here is the opportunity for sketching in say—a pal…. Constance Foster and Miss Manners. They are taken by Miss Manners to see her nephew Paul Hardy—author.”