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The Story Of Gate Pa, April 29th, 1864

No. 4

page 53

No. 4

Memorandum by Ministers as to instructions to be given to the Tauranga Expedition:—

(1) That he (Colonel Carey) will, if possible, arrive at the Mouth of the Harbour of Tauranga at day dawn, and proceed, with the least possible delay, to take possession of the Mission Station, so as to prevent its threatened destruction by the natives.

(2) Hitherto the natives on the East side of the Harbour have not joined in the war, but recent information is to the effect that many of them are about to do so. In the meantime, however, until further orders, the East side of the Harbour, as regards both men and property, should not be interfered with.

(3) The crops and cattle, and other property of the natives on the West side should be taken possession of, and the crops gathered in.

(4) The Mission Station should be preserved from injury as much as possible.



19th January, 1864.