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The Story Of Gate Pa, April 29th, 1864

No. 2

No. 2

Memorandum from His Excellency the Governor concurring in the Proposed Expedition:—

Ministers having expressed it as their clear conclusion after weighing all the circumstances of the case that the proposed expedition should go to Tauranga, and that without any delay, the Governor feels that under the present form of Government, he ought to issue the necessary orders for its departure, so soon as the preparations now, and for some days, in progress have been completed, and he will at once issue these orders.

The Governor has thus yielded to the opinion of Ministers with some reluctance, and he still thinks that the understanding on which the expedition proceeds to Tauranga, should be that it is only of a temporary character, and that it can at any moment be withdrawn, if the safety of the southern settlements, or any other urgent cause, renders such a course desirable.



Government House, Auckland,
19th January, 1864.