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The Story Of Gate Pa, April 29th, 1864

Killed and Wounded

Killed and Wounded

The British casualties numbered more than one-third of the total force composing the storming party. Ten officers were killed or died from wounds. Of non-commissioned officers and privates, twenty-eight were killed and seventy-three wounded. Total killed and wounded, one hundred and eleven officers and men. The 43rd Regiment lost their colonel, four captains and one lieutenant, and two ensigns were severely wounded. Among the killed were two brothers, Captain and Lieutenant Glover, sons of that distinguished Colonel Glover, who rendered such important assistance to General Sir Garnet Wolseley at the taking of Coomassie.

Nearly all the naval brigade officers were killed or wounded, viz., killed: Captain Hamilton (H.M.S. Esk), Lieutenant Hill (H.M.S. Curacoa), Mr Watt, gunner (H.M.S. Miranda); wounded: Commander Hay—mortally (H.M.S. Harrier), Lieutenant Hammick— severely (H.M.S. Miranda), Lieutenant Duff—severely (H.M.S. Esk).

43rd Regiment—Killed:—Captain R. C. Glover, Captain C. R. Mure (tomahawk), Captain R. Hamilton, Captain E. Utterton, Lieutenant C. Langland; Wounded, Colonel Booth (mortally) spine smashed, right arm broken, Lieutenant F. G. E. Glover (mortally), Ensign W. Clarke (severely), Ensign S. P. T. Nichol (slightly).