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Octavius Hadfield

Letter written by Octavius Hadfield to his mother April 12, 1841

To his mother.

One word with regard to myself. Henry as well as you says much to me about taking care of my health. Now you both know that I never was very strong and neither am I now, nor do I think much about my health. I am engaged in work that does not allow me much opportunity of taking care of myself, therefore once for all let me say that you must not be anxious about me. You may hear that I am ill or even dead, but you must learn to remember that I am engaged in the Lord's work and am in His hands "Who doeth all things well".

My work is going on well among the natives—I baptised 33 the other day, all of whom I think well, some of whom I love much. Port Nicholson is a prospering place. There is some degree of spirit, etc., among the colonists which I admire, and the country has many capabilities. I hear that we have a bishop appointed for N.Z. I hope he will soon be out here. He is much wanted. I preached here on Good Friday and twice yesterday to an English congregation—somebody is much wanted here. There is here a Mr. St. Hill and his wife who are as kind to me as it is possible to be. I never met with anybody more so.