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Octavius Hadfield

Letter written by Octavius Hadfield to sister Octavia May 10, 1865

To sister Octavia.

Last mail I presume took the horrid account of the murder of poor Volkner. The Bishop of Waiapu (Kate's uncle) was threatened, and has left his district. I am a good deal annoyed with the proceedings of many of our missionaries. There were two or three instances in which they betrayed the interest of the natives and cringed to Gov. Browne: these things were not unnoticed by these observant people. The whole body suffers. The London C.M.S. Committee begin now to believe in me. I have not much strength for work left, but I should be sorry to be frightened away. As to the war there is no sign of an end. The Govt, is quite tired of it; the expense is so enormous, but the natives are by no means tired and they talk of a vigorous campaign in 1866. As I can do nothing I no longer trouble myself much about the war. If my advice had been followed what a different state of things there might have been.

I was in Wellington a fortnight ago and had an opportunity of seeing the Bishop of N.Z. and Mrs. Selwyn, Sir W. Martin and Lady M. and others from Auckland. They seemed pleased to meet me, and were very anxious that I should go on with them to the Synod at Christchurch, but I neither felt well enough nor could I comfortably leave this. There was some important business and they were anxious for my aid as I am supposed to be available to say the hard disagreeable things that have to be said.