Title: Octavius Hadfield

Author: Barbara Macmorran

Publication details: 1969, Wellington

Digital publication kindly authorised by: G. H. Macmorran

Part of: New Zealand Texts Collection

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Octavius Hadfield

[extract from the diary of Octavius Hadfield]

Nov. 29th-30th . . . Continued till about 3 o'clock in the Pa then left the Pa to proceed with the natives towards Waikanae to endeavour to establish peace. The mob of natives soon joined us—having had prayers with them we left them and proceeded for about 4 miles, when, it being very dark and raining we stopped and having managed to pitch my tent in the sand, Mr. Williams and myself lay from about ten o'clock till 3, when the mob consisting of about 200 natives with Watanui at their head, joined us. They requested us to have prayers with them. We then proceeded all together after they had gone through several native manoeuvres. They remained about two miles from the Pa. We entered it and after some speeches they determined to establish peace. Matahau was sent out with conditions of peace and the hostile mob returned. The natives of Waikanae in the afternoon went through various military exercises.