Title: Octavius Hadfield

Author: Barbara Macmorran

Publication details: 1969, Wellington

Digital publication kindly authorised by: G. H. Macmorran

Part of: New Zealand Texts Collection

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Octavius Hadfield

[extract from the diary of Octavius Hadfield]

Nov. 25th . . . Moved from the small Pa to Rangiuru about 9 o'clock. They do not appear very desirous of peace—they will go tomorrow to arrange about it. Did not leave the Pa. Many of the natives here are disinclined to attend to the Gospel, some on the other hand are very attentive. The sons of the chief Watanui, Roha and Haua, are interesting, enquiring young men and can read a little. There were not many present at evening prayers. Oh may I be directed by the Lord as to where I should reside and how I should proceed.