Title: Octavius Hadfield

Author: Barbara Macmorran

Publication details: 1969, Wellington

Digital publication kindly authorised by: G. H. Macmorran

Part of: New Zealand Texts Collection

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Octavius Hadfield

[extract from the diary of Octavius Hadfield]

Nov. 24th . . . Lord's Day. We walked with the natives of the small Pa, Pakakutu, to Rangiuru, the large Pa of Otaki, and then had Divine service. There were about 600 or 700 present. I was gratified to see so many present as I had been led to understand that most of the inhabitants of this place were disposed to reject the Gospel. We afterwards had school and I was surprised to find many acquainted with the catechisms we have in use. May the Lord look down to bless this people, and may my soul be refreshed with peace and may I be endowed with wisdom to fit me for the work in which I am engaged.

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