Title: Octavius Hadfield

Author: Barbara Macmorran

Publication details: 1969, Wellington

Digital publication kindly authorised by: G. H. Macmorran

Part of: New Zealand Texts Collection

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Octavius Hadfield

[extract from letter written by Octavius Hadfield]

I am greatly opposed to this talk about federation with the Australian colonies. Why this country should go and abandon its independence for the long future for the purpose of increasing its trade—a very uncertain thing after all—I cannot imagine. I have no patience in thinking of it. I have never seen a single argument advanced in favour of it which I deem valid. I don't believe there are 20 men in N.Z. who have attempted to look all round the subject, or who could give a reasoned opinion either for or against it. And yet the Post talks of submitting the question to the electors! Poor N.Z., whose progress I have been watching for sixty years, and now to be an appendage to the Australian colonies. Aue.