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Nursing in New Zealand: History and Reminiscences



Chapter Page
I. Arriving in New Zealand 17
II. My Predecessor and Her Work 20
III. Reciprocity of State Registration of Nurses 26
IV. Taking up My Appointment 33
V. My Tour with Mrs. Neill 35
VI. Hospital System and Early Hospitals 41
VII. Visits to Mental Hospitals 49
VIII. Reorganisation of Departments 53
IX. St. Helens Hospitals and Other Maternity Hospitals 56
X. Formation of the New Zealand Trained Nurses' Association 65
XI. “Kai Tiaki”—The Commencement of the Nurses' Journal 71
XII. Hospital Investigations and Enquiries 74
XIII. Superannuation of Nurses 79
XIV. Private Nursing and Private Hospitals 81
XV. Military Nursing 83
XVI. Back-Block District Nursing 86
XVII. Plunket Nursing 92
XVIII. School Nursing Service 96
XIX. Conference of Hospital Boards 97
XX. Affiliated Training 100
XXI. The Home of Compassion 103
XXII. University Diplomas 106
XXIII. Holiday Jaunts—Visit to Franz Josef Glacier 108
XXIV. Smallpox Epidemic 116
XXV. School of Massage 118
XXVI. Tuberculosis Nursing 122
XXVII. Formation of New Zealand Army Nursing Service 125
XXVIII. A New Year's Day Trip and Getting Ready for Departure 135
XXIX. Farewells 139
XXX. Really Off! 143 page 14
XXXI. Arrival in England 146
XXXII. Setting Out for Egypt 154
XXXIII Taking Over Our New Zealand Hospital 163
XXXIV. I Go to Port Said 166
XXXV, Visits to Hospitals 171
XXXVI. Some Excursions in Egypt 178
XXXVII. Return to New Zealand 183
XXXVIII. Arrival in New Zealand and News of “Marquette” Disaster 186
XXXIX. New Zealand Hospitals in England and France 195
XL. Our Sisters with Imperial Units 202
XLI. Attempt to Send Unqualified Women as Nurses to Egypt 205
XLII. Meeting Returned Sisters 207
XLIII. Military Hospitals in New Zealand 209
XLIV. Honours for Our Nurses 215
XLV. Ordinary Official Work 221
XLVI. Influenza Epidemic 226
XLVII. Red Cross Nursing 230
XLVIII. Welcomes to Returned Sisters 232
XLIX. Visit of the Prince of Wales 237
L. Various Ceremonies at Hospitals and Tributes to Matrons 239
LI. Holiday Visit to Australia 242
LII. Maternal Mortality—Preventive Work 244
LIII. Nurses' Christian Union 247
LIV. Dental Nursing Scheme 249
LV. Passing over of Military Hospitals 251
LVI. Retirement from Office 253
Appendix: Obituary 261
A Summary of Nursing History and Legislation in New Zealand 265
Nurses' and Midwives' Legislation 268
Reciprocity 272
List of First Fifty Nurses to go on Active Service 273
Sisters Lost in the “Marquette” 274
Died on Active Service 274
List of Advance Subscribers 275