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Nursing in New Zealand: History and Reminiscences

Chapter XLIX. — Visit of the Prince of Wales

page 237

Chapter XLIX.
Visit of the Prince of Wales.

About this time, the visit of the Prince of Wales to New Zealand took place. There was, of course, great excitement and pleasure. The military nurses in the different centres all attended at the parades and were presented to His Royal Highness. We had quite a big parade in Wellington, and the Prince shook hands with all of us, and congratulated those who had decorations.

I had the privilege of attending the State Ball at Government House, and of again being congratulated on my R.R.C., I had not then received the Nightingale Medal.

Again I had the honour of meeting the Prince at a reception held on board the Renown.

The Maori demonstrations at Rotorua were very interesting. All the Native Health nurses who could be spared from their districts, were collected there under Miss Bagley. They looked very nice indeed, in their uniforms of serviceable tweed, grey, made with a divided skirt for riding, which, when not riding looks like an ordinary skirt.

The Prince visited all the Military Hospitals and this of course, gave great pleasure to patients and staffs. A very pretty story is told of him in connection with Miss Cameron, R.R.C., our invalided matron. This was when in Sydney, he visited the Randwick Military Hospital, where she was a patient. She had wished to parade with the sisters of the staff at the entrance, but the matron page 238 would not allow her to do so, and she was very disappointed. Someone told the Prince of this, and he gave her a special audience at Government House. She was taken there in a wheel chair in her military uniform, medals and R.R.C. decoration, and took a bouquet of pink carnations, which she presented to him with the few words she could articulate. To her great joy, he wore one of the carnations in his coat next day.

This was one of the many kindly actions which endears the Prince of Wales to his people.