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Nursing in New Zealand: History and Reminiscences

A Summary of Nursing History and Legislation in New Zealand

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A Summary of Nursing History and Legislation in New Zealand.

The First Hospitals.

The first hospital was built in Auckland in the year 1845; Wellington, 1846; Christchurch, 1862; Dunedin, 1851.

Establishment of New Zealand Hospital System with the Creation of Hospital Boards and Districts.

Legislation passed under Hospital Act, 1885.

Introduction of Training Schools.

The first training school was commenced at Wellington Hospital in 1884; Auckland, 1891; Christchurch, 1891; Dunedin, 1893.

The Appointment of a Nurse as Assistant Inspector of Hospitals.

Mrs. Grace Neill appointed in 1893; retired, 1906.

The First Voluntary District Nursing Association.

Miss Maude. Christchurch, 1898.

Creation of Department of Health, 1900.

Introduction of State Registration.

Nurses' Registration Act passed 1901, followed by introduction of State Examination throughout New Zealand.

Registration of Midwives.

Midwives' Registration, 1904, followed by introduction of training, State examination.

Establishment of State Obstetrical Hospitals.

St. Helens Hospitals established as training schools for midwives to provide a maternity service for the working people. Dunedin, 1904; Wellington, 1905; Auckland, Christchurch.

Introduction of Eight-Hour Day for Pupil Nurse and the Three-Shift Plan.

Wellington Hospital, 1898, followed by legislation which made a 56 hour week for pupil nurses compulsory, 1909.

Appointment of Miss Hester McLean, 1906, succeeding Mrs. Neill; retired, 1923.

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Introduction of First District Nurse Under Hosiptal Board for “Back-block Districts.”

Uruti, New Plymouth Hospital Board, established 1906.

Establishment of Plunket Society Training, 1906–1907.

Amalgamation of Health and Hospital Departments.

Appointment of First Director-General of Health, Dr. Valintine, 1907.

Appointment of Additional Nurse Inspector, Miss Bicknell.

Miss Bagley, 1907.

Amalgamation of Hospital and Charitable Aid Institutions and Extension of New Zealand Hospital System, 1909.

Establishment of District Nurses for Maoris Under the Health Department, 1911.

Development of Tuberculosis Campaign, 1904–1912.

Miss Maude, Christchurch. First attempt at modern Sanatorium treatment.

Commencement of New Zealand Army Nursing Service, 1912, following Lord Kitchener's Visit.

Period of Active Military Service, 1914–1919.

Temporary Military Hospitals in New Zealand.

Establishment of School Medical Service, 1914.

School nurses appointed in 1917.

Pneumonic Influenza Epidemic, 1918.

Re-organisation of Department of Health following a Commission of Enquiry, 1920.

Appointment of Additional Nurse Inspector, 1920.

Establishment of New Zealand Nurses' Memorial Fund, 1920.

Appointment of Miss J. Bicknell as Director of Nursing, 1923.

Development of Ante-natal Service and Special Training for Ante-natal Work, 1924.

The Establishment of the Nurses and Midwives' Board following Legislation Contained in Nurses' and Midwives' Act, 1925.

Revision of Obstetrical Training in New Zealand and the Creation of the “Maternity Nurse” and “Midwife,” 1926.

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Superannuation for Nurses.

Legislation passed in 1925; took effect in 1926.

Development of Preliminary Training Schools and Tutor Sisters, 1924.

The Establishment of Post-Graduate Course for Nurses in Connection with Victoria University College, Wellington, together with the Department of Health and Wellington Hospital Board, 1928.

The New Zealand Trained Nurses' Association.

Private Nurses' Association formed in “Wellington, 1905.

Trained Nurses' Association formed in Dunedin, 1907; in Auckland, Christchurch, 1908.

Amalgamation and Formation of New Zealand Trained Nurses' Association, 1909, at the First Conference in Wellington.

First Edition of Kai Tiaki, January, 1908.

Reception into International Council of Nurses at Cologne, Germany, in 1912.

Mrs. Grace Neill was one of the first foundation members of the International Council of Nurses founded in 1899.

Development of Annual Meetings.

First meeting of Matrons' Council, 1927.