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Life in Early Poverty Bay

A List of Fees

A List of Fees.

In the late Mr. Lysnar's diary appear the accounts of the Gisborne School for the various quarters during his headmastership. The first is for the quarter ended September 30, 1872, and the particulars include:—

Mr. Mill: To tuition for William and Maggie £2 12s.

Mr. Adams: Tuition for Joshua £1 6s and four months' pen and ink 2s.

Mr. Dunlop: Tuition for Charles and David £2 12s, pens 4/-, Nelson's No. 4 1/3, Superseder 1/6.

Mr. Uren: Tuition for F. W. Goldsmith £1 14s, pens and books 6/9.

Mr. Langford: Tuition for Annie and Eustace £1 6s, pens and ink 4-. Royal Geography 1/9, Copy Book 6d.

Capt. Kennedy: Tuition for Mary and Edward £1 6s.

Mr. Wylie: Tuition for Gavin and Alexander £1 14s, books etc. 3/9.

Mr. Robb: Tuition for Robert 17/-; for Ellen (3 weeks) 3/-, books 3/9.

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The Main Central School of to-Day.

The Main Central School of to-Day.

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Mr Stevenson: Tuition for James 19/-.

Mr. H. Bertie Reed: Tuition for Florence, Ernest, Edith, Arthur, and Bertie £2 5s. 6d.

Mr. William King: Tuition for Elizabeth and Thomas £1 6s, Mary (seven weeks) 7/-.

Mr. W. S. Greene: Tuition for Theodore and Arthur £1 8s; pens and ink 5/-, Anderson's Geography 2-, Royal ditto 1/9, Slate 9d.

Mr. Goldsmith: Tuition for Oliver (five weeks), 5/-.

Mr. Forbes: Tuition for Louisa and Rachel £1 19s.

Mr. O'Donoghue: Tuition for Mary Ann 13/-.

Mrs. Meldrum: Three medium slates 1/8; 3 small do. 1/2; 1 box slate pencils 5d; 3 Royal Geographies 4/6; 2 small Arithmetics 8d; 2 Readers No. 4 1/8; A Step by Steps 6d; 2 Sequels 8d; and 3 Copy Books 1/-.

Mr. Doleman: Tuition for Martha £1 6s.

Mr. Dunlop: Tuition for Ellen (6 weeks) 6/-.

Mr. Steele: Tuition for Alice (7 weeks) 7/-.

Mr. Gilman: Books 4/-.

Mr. W. King: Tuition for Elizabeth and Thomas £1 6s.

In the following quarter the following also were amongst the scholars: Findlay Drummond, Charles Young, Heber Pritchard, Lucy Morton, Jane and Elizabeth Hall, Walter and Clara Webb, Kate O'Donoghue, Laura Langford, Ada Stevens, Frank and Emily Skeet, Geo. Brown, P. Jones, Annie, Walter, Harry and Frederick Clayton, Flora Wylie, A. McDonald, A. Harris, Cameron, Kate, Arthur and Mary Buchanan, Wm. and Robt. Stuckey, Annie Adams, John Cook, Alfred Skipworth, David Bridger, Robt. Skeet, James and Frederick Martin, Louisa and Richard Byrne, Minnie Dawson.

Pianoforte lessons were now also given as an extra.

Further new names appear in the 1874 list of scholars as under: John Sampson, George Brocklebanck, Alice Habbourt, M. and H. Sloye, Esther Habbourt, M. and H. Sloye, Esther Brimskill, E. Nasmith, R. Caulton, A. Tibbals, E., M. and R. Tier, Ernest Evans, M. E., J., and S. Morgan, F. Steele, Alf. Adams, T. and E. North, A., B. and F. O'Meara, S., M. and E. Hunt, J., M. and M. Harris, H., Henry and J. Cameron, R. Bailey, H. Nasmith, Em. Blair, M. and A. Scrivener, E. Harris, E. Davis, S. Dawson, Haache.

The 1875 list has also: F. Burnard, E. and H. Warren, F. and T. Faram, J. F. Martin, S. Dawson, A. Sorry, J., G. and N. Carey. W. and J. Maher, J., M. and E. Reed, F. and L. Gibbons, T. Littlewood, M. Hepburn.

The Late Sir Jas. Carroll, When a Boy.

The Late Sir Jas. Carroll, When a Boy.

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New St. Mary's School in Childers Road.

New St. Mary's School in Childers Road.