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Historic Poverty Bay and the East Coast, N.I., N.Z.


page xi


Chapter Page
Preface vii
Introduction xv
I. “Tribes of the Rising Sun” 1
II. Before the Days of Tasman 8
III. Cook's Historic Landfall at Poverty Bay 16
IV. A Tragic Day 28
V. Unhappy Naming of Poverty Bay 37
VI. Endeavour on East Coast 46
VII. Hospitable Tolaga Bay 52
VIII. Whose “White Chief”? 62
IX. Ferocious Ngapuhi Raids on East Coast 72
X. Trade Opens on the East Coast 80
XI. Three Famous East Coast Sieges 87
XII. The Founder of Poverty Bay 94
XIII. The East Coast Tattooed Trader 107
XIV. Celebrities of the East Coast 115
XV. “Sons of the Soil” 124
XVI. Pioneer Resident Traders on East Coast 130
XVII. The Old Land Claims 138
XVIII. “There She Blows!” 145
XIX. Spread of the Gospel to the East Coast 156
XX. In the Mission Field 162
XXI. “Beautiful Turanga” (Poverty Bay) 177
XXII. “Uncrowned King of Poverty Bay 186
XXIII. Clash of Rival Judicial Systems 190
XXIV. Disaffection Precedes Bloodshed 208
XXV. Under the Hauhau Banner 215 page xii
XXVI. Exiled Rebels Escape 228
XXVII. Te Kooti Revolt Opens 237
XXVIII. Eve of Poverty Bay Massacre 245
XXIX. “Black Tuesday” 255
XXX. “Worst Horror Since Cawnpore” 266
XXXI. Hands Off Poverty Bay! 275
XXXII. Poverty Bay Under Martial Law 281
XXXIII. On Te Kooti's Trail 289
XXXIV. Te Kooti Rikirangi Te Turuki 299
XXXV. “Spoils to the Victors” 305
XXXVI. Native Lands Problem 310
XXXVII. Settlement and Development 315
XXXVIII. General Section 333
XXXIX. Local Government 387
XL. District Institutions 423
XLI. Sports and Pastimes 433
XLII. Brief Biographies 456
XLIII. Appendices 460