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Historic Poverty Bay and the East Coast, N.I., N.Z.

Trials of Early Enthusiasts

Trials of Early Enthusiasts

A few enthusiasts obtained permission in 1894 from Captain Tucker, Lady Carroll and others to play over their properties on Waikanae. A course of nine holes was ultimately obtained. It ran through very rough paddocks—in some places along a swathe cut in the scrub and, in others, along a passageway made through fern. Ralph Bruce (then approaching his 80th year and a resident of Colchester, England) claimed (Weekly News, 15/12/1948) that he and R. J. Reynolds were the pioneers. Some of the early players had to be content with clubs fashioned from manuka limbs. Many of the balls used for practice were also of the home-made variety, and included old composition cricket balls reduced to the required size.

In 1909, when some of the paddocks could no longer be used, R. J. Reynolds provided a playing area on “Sandown” free of charge. The Sandown links were opened on 17 April, 1909. Early in 1912 the right to use other properties was also obtained, and four additional holes were laid out on the western side of Lytton Road. “These holes,” commented a Gisborne Times writer, “are blind holes, and the course is a straight and narrow path between forests of fern. A slice or a pull spells disaster and, usually, the price of a new ball.” The present links at Awapuni were opened on 3 May, 1913. In its original state the area was a rough field overgrown with briars and fern.

Poverty Bay Golf Club champions:

Men—1895, G. T. Bull; 1896, A. Cuthbert; 1897, G. T. Bull; 1898, A. Cuthbert; 1899, G. T. Bull; 1900, J. H. Bull; 1901, G. T. Bull; 1902, J. H. Bull; 1903–8, Pare Keiha; 1909, G. W. Willock; 1910, G. M. Dodgshun; 1911, G. W. Willock; 1912–15, G. M. Dodgshun; 1916–19, First Great War; 1920–23, G. W. Willock; 1924, G. M. Dodgshun; 1925, P. Egan; 1926, N. H. Bull; 1927, H. C. Wells; 1928, N. H. Bull; 1929–30, G. M. Dodgshun; 1931, W. D. Barker; 1932, F. Fenwick; 1933, W. D. Barker; 1934, D. B. Barry; 1935, W. D. Barker; 1936–7–8, F. Fenwick; 1939–40, E. S. Toogood; 1941–45, World War No. 2; 1946, F. Fenwick; 1947–48–49, E. S. Toogood.

Women—1902, Mrs. W. B. Willock; 1903, Mrs. H. A. King; 1904–5, Miss N. Rutledge; 1906, Mrs. F. T. Morgan; 1907, Miss F. K. Adams; 1908–9–10, Miss E. Sweet; 1911–15, Miss D. V. Bull; 1916, Miss F. K. Adams; 1917, Mrs. L. T. Burnard; 1918–19, First Great War; 1920, Miss K. Booth; 1921, Miss F. K. Adams; 1922, Miss L. King; 1923, Miss Kettle; 1924, Miss King; 1925, Miss P. O'Meara; 1926, Mrs. C. F. Scott; 1927, Miss M. Bull; 1928, Mrs. L. T. Burnard; 1929, Mrs. D. E. Chrisp; 1930, Mrs. S. M. Wilson; 1931, Miss M. Bull; 1932, Miss W. Barns-Graham; 1933, Mrs. L. T. Burnard; 1934, Mrs. R. F. Hutchinson; 1935, Mrs. R. McFadyen; 1936–7–8, Mrs. D. E. Chrisp; 1939, Mrs. F. A. McFadyen; 1940, Mrs. R. F. Hutchinson; 1941, Mrs. G. J. O. Booth; 1942–3–4–5, World War No. 2; 1946, Mrs. R. F. Hutchinson; 1947, Mrs. R. G. Robb; 1948, Mrs. J. Hutchinson; 1949, Miss B. Ballantyne.

Annual Amateur Open Tournament:

Men—1931–32, N. W. Parker; 1933, W. D. Barker; 1934, D. B. Barry; 1935, W. D. Barker; 1936, W. K. Andrews; 1937, D. B. Barry; 1938, W. D. Barker; 1939, H. D. Brinsden; 1940, A. Gibbs; 1941–45, war years; 1946, F. Fenwick; 1947–48, S. Toogood; 1949, J. T. Dodgshun.

Ladies—1935, Mrs. F. A. McFadyen; 1936–37–38, Mrs. D. E. Chrisp; 1939, Mrs. A. N. Slater; 1940, Mrs. G. J. O. Booth; 1941, Mrs. R. F. Hutchinson; 1942–45, war years; 1946, Mrs. F. A. McFadyen; 1947, Miss M. Jefferd; 1948, Mrs. R. F. Hutchinson; 1949, Mrs. C. F. Connor.

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The Turanganui Golf Club, whose members play on the Tuoi links at Te Hapara, was incorporated in 1936. It was founded by Mr. Pare Keiha, who, with his family, owned the property. No rent was required to be paid for the first four years, and, since then, only an amount sufficient to meet the rates. In 1948 the club had 70 members, of whom 30 were ladies. Club champions:

Ladies—1937, Mrs. T. Keelan; 1938–39, Mrs. R. Bullivant; 1940–41–42–43, Mrs. R. G. Robb; 1944, Mrs. M. Kaua; 1945, Mrs. E. Stratum; 1946, Mrs. R. G. Robb; 1947–48, Mrs. M. Kaua. 1949, Mrs. L. Ngata.

Men—1937–38, R. Keiha; 1939–40, P. Kaua; 1941, R. W. Halbert; 1942, D. Ross; 1943, R. W. Halbert; 1944–45, C. Pere; 1946–47–48 P. Kaua. 1949, B. Corbett.

The Gisborne Park Golf Club secured the right to establish links on the Park Domain in time for the 1936 season. Club champions:

Men—1936, G. L. Winter; 1937, T. Pere; 1938, P. H. Dow; 1939, F. W. Dobbie; 1940, P. H. Dow; 1941, L. Lunken; 1942, no contest; 1943, H. F. Alen and A. D. Tarr (tie); 1944, A. D. Tarr; 1945, P. H. Dow; 1946, T. Atkins; 1947–48–49, R. Muir.

Ladies—1936–37–38, Mrs. E. E. Winter; 1939, Mrs. H. Tureia; 1940, Mrs. G. Brown; 1941, Miss M. Haisman; 1942, no contest; 1943–44, Miss M. Haisman; 1945, Mrs. G. Brown; 1946–47, Miss M. Haisman; 1948, Miss J. Byres; 1949, Mrs. T. Te Pairi.