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Historic Poverty Bay and the East Coast, N.I., N.Z.



A mishap which terminated fatally occurred during a match between Kaiti-City and Huia on Tucker's Paddock on 13 July, 1901. Thomas Everton Kirk, aged 22 years (captain of the Kaiti-City side) collided with a team-mate, and received an injury to his spine from which he died a week later. He belonged to Hamilton.

O. R. Olsen controlled senior and “rep.” matches in Gisborne for 25 years.

A contest memorable for rough play, rowdiness and fighting took place at Mata-whero in June, 1910, between Kaiti-City and Red Stars. Ordered off the field, a Maori member of the Red Star team harangued the referee from the sideline for the rest of the game. He was disqualified for life. The second spell was a continuous brawl, and, at the close of play, there was some fighting.

Poverty Bay players who secured inclusion in a North Island XV: J. B. Poynter (v. N.S.W.), in 1894; A. Kaipara, 1910–11–12; C. Ryland, 1911; M. Paratene, 1912; J. Nicolas, 1913; W. J. Langlands, who was unlucky not to be included in the 1925 All Black team which toured Great Britain, 1925 and 1928; I. D. Bramwell, 1928; A. G. McPhail, 1929; A. I. McAneny, 1939; G. F. King, 1947; R. A. White, 1949.

Poverty Bay and East Coast players selected for All Black trials—1924: W. J. Langlands and A. F. Matthews. 1927: W. J. Langlands, F. C. Bennett, I. D. Bramwell, G. Carrington, V. S. Caulton, G. Murland, E. K. Thomas. 1929: G. Nepia (E.C.), E. R. Thomas. 1930: G. Nepia (E.C.), 1934: H. Kirkpatrick. 1935: P. Goldsmith (E.C.), G. Nepia (E.C.), G. Pepere (E.C.), K. Reedy (E.C.), G. Reeves (E.C.), J. Kershaw (E.C.), R. Paenga (E.C.), A. H. Webb, P. Kaua, L. T. Martin, W. Matheson, S. Moeau, C. McKinley, B. Rogers and J. Pohatu. 1937: A. I. McAneny. 1939: A. I. McAneny and Rogers. 1948: I. G. Shaw and G. F. King.

Contests in which Tai Rawhiti (Hawke's Bay, Poverty Bay, East Coast and Bay of Plenty) has played for the Prince of Wales Cup have resulted: 1928, v. Tai Tokerau, lost 8–15; 1929, v. Tai Hauhauru, lost 11–24; 1931, v. Te Waipunamu, lost 9–10; 1934, v. Tai Hauhauru, won 16–10; 1935; v. Te Waipunamu, won 13–3; 1936, v. Tai Tokerau, won 22–14; 1938, v. Tai Hauhauru, won 14–9; 1939, v. Te Waipunamu, won 12–9; 1946, v. Tai Tokerau, lost 6–17; 1948, v. Tai Hauhauru, lost 6–11; 1949, v. Tai Tokerau, lost 11–14.

Football (Australian Rules): A Poverty Bay Football League was formed in March, 1907, and some games were played on Harris's Paddock. The movement was revived in June, 1909, and three teams were formed, but enthusiasm was again short-lived.

Rugby (Northern Union): The opening match was played at Taru-heru on 17 May, 1913, between teams styled “Gisborne” and “Taru-heru.” A visit was paid to Gisborne by a Napier team during the following month. Few prominent Rugby players were attracted, and interest in the new code waned. Ryland, Rukingi and Paratene were members of the New Zealand side which visited Australia in 1913, and Joe and Mason Lockwood, of East Coast, obtained places in a New Zealand team which toured Australia in 1922.