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Historic Poverty Bay and the East Coast, N.I., N.Z.

Churches of Other Sects

Churches of Other Sects

The Congregationalists opened a church in Gisborne on 25 April, 1886, but, two years later, when the pastor (Rev. A. H. Wallace) resigned to re-enter the Presbyterian Church, it was closed.

The Gisborne Group of Christian Scientists (formed in 1914) gained recognition as a branch of the Mother Church in Boston, U.S.A., in 1932, and four years afterwards built a neat church in Childers Road.

A branch of the Theosophical Society was formed in Gisborne in 1907.

Members of the Church of Christ in Gisborne first met for services in 1896 at the home of H. Veal, and, after making several changes in regard to their meeting place, built a chapel in Roebuck Road.

In 1886, Te Rahui became a Mormon centre for the East Coast. Six elders visited Te Hati Houkamau's settlement. Soon after their arrival they began a service, and, as they would not desist, they were trussed up and carried back across the Awatere River. Te Hati was fined 5/- for assault and the elders £5 each for trespass.

In Gisborne the Seventh Day Adventist Church was organised on 19 May, 1890. The church now in use was dedicated on 30 January, 1927.

Members of the Brethren were few in numbers in Gisborne in 1883, when they met for services at the home of Mr. Campbell Thompson. There are now three groups—the Open Meeting Brethren, the Plymouth Brethren and the London Brethren.