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Historic Poverty Bay and the East Coast, N.I., N.Z.

Kia Ora Co-operative Dairying Co. Ltd

Kia Ora Co-operative Dairying Co. Ltd.

In December, 1902, Mr. McGregor sold his Kia Ora factory for £5,000 to a group of dairy farmers, who registered a company under the title The Kia Ora Co-operative Dairying Co. Ltd. Mr. McGregor was retained as manager. The Poverty Bay and Kia Ora companies amalgamated in August, 1904, and the title Kia Ora was preferred. Suppliers were paid 8½d. per lb. for butterfat. In 1904 the company's paid-up capital stood at £771; in 1948 it was £18,000. Production for 1903–4 amounted to 150 tons; the aggregate for 1946–7 was 958 tons, with a pay-out of 22.075d. per lb. of butterfat at the farm gate. In 1923, when the output had risen to 600 tons per season, a new factory, providing for expansion up to 2,000 tons, was built. The record season was 1936–7 (1,779 tons). Cost of manufacture, disposal, etc. (but not including overseas marketing costs) in 1914 was 3.49d. per lb.; in 1924, 2.17d.; in 1934, 1.19d.; and in 1946–7, 1.978d.

Chairmen: W. A. Hood, 1903–4; Julius A. A. Caesar, 1904–5, 1907–10 and 1911–12; E. Knight, 1906–7; A. F. Matthews, 1910–11; G. R. Moore, 1912–35; M. Doyle, 1935—. Managers: T. McGregor, 1903; N. H. Clark, 1904–7; H. R. Newitt, 1907–29; A. P. Lee, 1929–31; W. A. Evans, 1931–38; R. L. Vette, 1938—. Secretaries: T. Alex. Coleman, 1903; A. Graham, 1904–13; H. E. Dodd, 1913–18; R. G. Surrey, part 1918; R. A. Baldrey, 1918–22; J. H. Sunderland, 1922—.