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A Compendium of Official Documents Relative to Native Affairs in the South Island. Volume Two.



No. of series. Date. Writer. To Whom Addressed. Subject.
1 Sept. 28, 1856 The Secretary of State His Excellency the Governor Enclosing copies of correspondence between Mr. Mantell and his Department touching the Ngaitahu tribe, and asking for explanation of facts connected with the case.
2 July 5, 1856 Walter Mantell, Esq. The Secretary of State Reporting the non-fulfilment by the Colonial Government of certain promises made by him in their name to the Ngaitahu tribe.
3 Aug. 17, 1854 Andrew Sinclair, Esq. Commissioner Crown Lands, Otago Enclosure to the above, regretting the inability of the Government to provide school books.
4 July 21, 1856 J. Ball, Esq. W. Mantell, Esq. Asking for information on doubtful points in former letter, and declining confirmation of appointment.
5 July 31, 1856 W. Mantell, Esq. Under Secretary Merivale Giving information, and suggesting the adjustment of the matter by Mr. Justice Martin.
6 July 31, 1856 Stating his intention of not applying for more salary.
7 Aug. 1, 1856 Giving a further account of his relations with the Ngaitahu.
8 Aug. 11, 1856 Herman Merivale, Esq. W. Mantell, Esq. Informing him that no conclusion can be arrived at in London until reference has been made to Local Government.
9 Aug. 12, 1856 W. Mantell, Esq. H. Merivale, Esq. Explanatory of parts of former correspondence.
10 Aug. 18, 1856 The Secretary of State Resigning his commission.
11 Sept. 3, 1856 F. F. Elliott, Esq. W. Mantell, Esq. Acknowledging above, and explaining certain expressions in a former letter.
12 Jan. 26, 1857 D. M'Lean, Esq. His Excellency the Governor Memorandum on the correspondence between the Right Hon. the Secretary of State for the Colonies and W. Mantell, Esq.