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A Compendium of Official Documents Relative to Native Affairs in the South Island. Volume Two.


page 123


No. of Series. Date. Writer. To Whom Addressed. Subject.
1 Mar. 18, 1844 E. Shortland, Esq., Sub-Protector of Aborigines The Chief Protector General condition of the Natives of the Middle Island, and enclosing statistics of population, &c.
2 Dec. 27, 1859 Walter L. Buller, Esq., R.M. Native Secretary Report on a portion of the Native settlements in the Province of Canterbury, with general observations thereon.
3 Mar. 8, 1860 Enclosing some remarks on the present condition of the Maori population of the Province of Canterbury.
4 Sept. 19, 1861 Report on same subject as No. 3, and enclosing a table showing the sub-divisions of the Ngaitahu tribe, inhabiting Canterbury.
5 Oct. 17, 1861 Supplementary Report to No. 4, with the Return showing the extent, position, description, and approximate value of the Native reserves in the Province of Canterbury, New Zealand.
6 Dec. 20, 1861 A. Chetham Strode, Esq., R.M. Forwarding list of the different tribes to which the Natives of the Provinces of Otago and Southland belong, with Census Return of same.
7 Dec. 16, 1861 Walter Buller, Esq., R.M. Acting Native Secretary Enclosing Census of the Maori population of Canterbury Province.
8 Oct. 3, 1863 Mr. James Mackay, jun. The Native Secretary Enclosing Report on the condition and prospects of the Natives of the Middle Island of Now Zealand.
9 Sept 29, 1864 Mr. H. T. Clarke Hon. Colonial Secretary Reporting on the condition of the Natives of the Southern Provinces, and enclosing a Census of the Maori population of same.
10 Nov. 22, 1867 Hon. J. C. Richmond Mr. Alexander Mackay To enquire into and report upon the general condition of the Natives in the different settlements in the South, and to inform and arsist the Natives regarding their reserves, and the recent Native Lands, Schools, and Representation Acts.
11 Feb. 7, 1868 Mr. Alexander Mackay Hon. Native Minister Report in pursuance of the instructions conveyed in No. 10.