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A compendium of official documents relative to native affairs in the South Island, Volume One.



No. of Series. Date. Writer. To whom addressed. Subject.
1 Feb. 21, 1863 Mr. James Mackay, junr. The Native Minister Relative to certain Native Reserves at Motupipi, in the Province of Nelson, and proposing arrangements concerning same with the Governors of Nelson College.
2 Feb. 22, 1863 The Native Minister Memorandum recommending that the necessary steps should be taken to carry out the propositions contained in the above.
3 July 14, 1864 Mr. James Mackay, junr. Hon. the Colonial Secretary Reporting that the instructions conveyed in Memorandum of 22nd February, 1863, had been carried out so far as regards section 9, Motupipi, and enclosing the deed of exchange of the land in question; also suggesting certain steps to be taken by the General Government regarding sections 5, 6, and 160.
4 Jan. 17, 1865 Mr. Mantell The Superintendent of Nelson Proposing certain arrangements to be made with the Governors of Nelson College regarding sections 5, 6, and 160.
5 July 23, 1866 Mr. Alex. Mackay The Native Secretary Requesting instructions as to investing the Natives of Motupipi with the legal possession of the above sections.
6 Aug. 13, 1866 Secretary of Crown Lands Memorandum advising the proper proceedings to be taken.
7 Mar. 24, 1870 Mr. Alex. Mackay Under Native Secretary Forwarding conveyance of sections 5, 6, and 160 from the College Governors at Nelson to the Queen, and recommending certain arrangements to be made regarding these lands in preference to their investment in the names of trustees for the benefit of the Natives.
8 May 4, 1870 Assistant Under Native Secretary Mr. Alex. Mackay Acknowledging and approving the recommendations contained in the above.
9 July 29, 1870 Mr. Alex. Mackay The Under Secretary, Native Department Reporting the assent of the Natives to Reserves I, J, and K being brought under "The Native Reserves Act, 1856."
10 Aug. 31, 1870 Order in Council Bringing certain reserves at Takaka, in the Province of Nelson, under the provisions of "The Native Reserves Act, 1856," in furtherance of this matter.