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A compendium of official documents relative to native affairs in the South Island, Volume One.



This is a certain deed of sale made by us, by the chiefs and all the people of the Ngatiawa residing at Arapara, to entirely transfer all our lands on this Island to Victoria the Queen of England or to the Kings or Queens who may succeed her for ever and ever. And in consideration of our having faithfully sold and conveyed all these lands, the Queen of England, on her part, consents to pay us for all these our lands a sum of five hundred pounds (£500), which money has been paid into our hands this day by Mr. McLean. That is, more particularly for the lands held and claimed by us, by the Ngatiawa, the description of which is shown on the map attached to this deed—Watiura being the inland boundary, to Ngaruahine the seaward; thence to Taunui a Kupe; thence on to the Watiura, the boundary to the south-west of Taunui a Kupe goes to the Uku, and thence it also goes inland to the said Watiura; the reserves for us are marked red on the map of the land hereunto attached, which reserves were pointed out by us to Mr. Jenkins the Interpreter, and the Surveyor along with him. We are quite contented with the said reserves; and having assuredly disposed of all these our lands under the shining sun of this day, the ninth day of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, and having also received the aforesaid sum of five hundred pounds, we hereunto sign our names and marks.

[Here the follow the signatures.]

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List of Ngatiawa Hapus, taken on the 11th day of February, 1856, for the division of payment to each Hapus of Family of their share of payment

Name of Principal Man. Name of Hapus. Remarks.
Witikau Ngatiawa. Memo.—Each hapu or family in this list, together with one afterwards added, making in all fifty-one, were paid £9, making in all £459, leaving a balance after the general division of £41 in the hands of Watene Taungatara. This he afterwards divided amongst those, such as "Witikau and Ropoama, who had omitted to give in a complete list of all their hapus, and would therefore have been excluded from a fair share of the payment, as each hapu was to receive an equal share.
Ropoama Ngatituaho.
Herewini Ngatihitinga.
Te Matene Ngatikahukura.
Hohepa Ngatikuru.
Tamati Te Hawe Ngatihaumia.
Tamati Hapimana Ngatitu.
Rena Ngatihineburu.
Timoti Ngatiwai
Henere Ngatituiti.
Hoani Tuhatu Ngatiturapunanui.
Wiremu Onataika Ngatihahaumia.
Kereopa Marami Ngatiuenuku. Ngatirahiri.
Te Watene Ngatimoeao.
Hoera Ngatihine.
Te Teti Ngatipopoia.
Wi Tapiana Ngatituhekarangi.
Hakarana Ngatihangai
Ihaia Hamua.
Hori Ngatiwairaka.
Aperahama Ngatiarewaere.
Karu Ngatirungarou.
Te Tuiti Ngatiwaiwae.
Hakaraia Ngamahanga.
Te Rei Ngatirahiri.
Himona Ngatiwaiparea.
Hemi Ngatitarepa.
Minarapa Ngatitarewa.
Paora Koinaki Rihari Tahuaroa Ngatiterematou. Ngatikomako.
Karoraina Paratene Ngatihinerauhui Ngatihine.
Hare Parumeru Ngatirangi
Karira Ngatiteaowaina.
Tamati Whakapakeke Ngatiruaki.
Horomana Ngatitu.
Hamarama Ngatimawahine.
Hone Tanerau Ngatikaitnaroa.
Pumipi Ngatitewiti
Penaha Ngatitai.
Roka Ngatitamarereaha.
Te Pata Ngatitaraharau.
Hori Patene Ngatirahiri
Paraone Ngatituparikino.
Hoeta Te Rawe Ngatipai.
Heremaia Ngatihinepakoko.
Tamihana Ngatiporei.
Ehairu Ngatikoromoko.
Hapimana Ngatihinetuhi.