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A compendium of official documents relative to native affairs in the South Island, Volume One.

[Deed of sale Waitohi]

630.Deed of Sale.Waitohi.£300.Ngatiawa for claims to Waitohi.Dated 4th March,1850.Plan attached.This Deed written this 4th day of March, 1850: It is agreed by Ropoama, Hemi Potaka, Witikau, and Te Retimana, and the other Natives whose names are written to this deed on behalf of themselves and all the other people who own the land named below. It is agreed between all these Natives and Queen Victoria, Sovereign England, that whereas, as far back as the 30th day of December, 1848, it was declared by an agreement of Ropoama and the Natives of Waitohi, with the Governor and Mr. Bell, the Agent of the New Zealand Company, to sell to them Waitohi as a settlement for the Pakeha, and to give up the pa at Waitohi, the port, the cultivations, and all of the land at Waitohi. And whereas the payment agreed by the Governor and Mr. Bell to be made for Waitohi was as follows: the surveying of a village at Waikawa, the ploughing of a piece of land near Waikawa as cultivations for the Natives, the building of a wooden house as a chapel at Waikawa, and the payment of one hundred pounds in money, to complete the purchase for the above-named place for Waitohi.
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Now, as the surveying of the village at Waikawa has been completed for the Natives, and as also the chapel is now building agreeably to the expectations of the Natives.

Whereas likewise the ploughing of the land above mentioned has not been commenced, but instead Ropoama, and the whole of the aforesaid Natives of Waitohi, have agreed to take a sum of money amounting to two hundred pounds, in payment of such ploughing. Therefore, the full meaning of this deed is this: In consideration of the said three hundred pounds (for the land one hundred pounds, and for the ploughing two hundred pounds) having been paid to Ropoama, Hemi Potaka, Witikau, and Te Retimana, on behalf of themselves and all the other owners of the land at Waitohi, and the payment of which money is by them acknowledged,—Ropoama and the aforesaid Natives, Hemi Potaka, Witikau, and Te Retimana on their own behalf, and on behalf of all the Natives who have remained behind at Waitohi, hereby agree to give up fully to Queen Victoria, and her heirs and people for ever and ever, all the land at the Weranga o waitohi, the pa, the port, the cultivations, and all the land according as it is described in the plan attached to this deed. In consideration also of this final payment being perfectly satisfied, Ropoama and all the Natives agree to give up at once the cultivations and pa, and the whole of the land at Waitohi, and vacate it for the Pakeha. Further, Ropoama and the Natives above mentioned, Major Richmond, Her Majesty's Chief Magistrate at Nelson, and also Mr. Bell, have all of them signed their names to this deed, to make fully known their complete assent to the contents of the same.