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The Jubilee History of Nelson: From 1842 to 1892.

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents.

Chapter I.
Object of Work. Early Discoveries. Arrival of Missionaries. The New Zealand Company. Arrange to found Nelson. Terms and inducements offered.
Pages 16
Chapter II.
Sailing of the Preliminary Expedition. Sermon on board the "Will Watch." Arrival at Port Nicholson. Where is Nelson to be? Pertinacity and obstinacy. "Hobson's choice." Departure for and arrival at Blind Bay Kaiteretere and Motueka. Discovery of Wakatu. Arrival of the Expedition there. Christmas, 1841. New Year's Day. First Cricket Match in Nelson
Pages 716
Chapter III.
Arrival of the Emigrants. The "Fifeshire." The "Mary Ann." The "Lord Auckland." Wives and Families of the Expedition Men arrive by the "Lloyds." Dreadful Mortality amongst the Children on the Voyage. Generally ill-regulated state of things. Company's Depôt full. Camping out. Meeting of Emigrants on board "Mary Anne." Foundation of first Benefit Society and Nelson Institute. Building Operations.—Maori Costumes. Early Settlers' fashionable Attire. An early Settler's Whare. Rats. Delays in Surveying Town Sections. First Distribution of Sections. Street Nomenclature. Arrival of the "Brougham." Comes through French Pass. Gets on Reef. Arrival of the first Police Magistrate. 'Nelson Examiner' first published. Tenders for Gaol and Court House. The First Court. A Curious Gaol. First Post Office. Mr. Thompson, P.M. Wreck of the "Fifeshire." Nelson Harbour described. The Landowners and the Company. First Temperance Association. Complaints against Government. Death of Mr. H. Angelo Bell. Arrival of the "Bolton." Visit of Rev. Mr. Hadfield. First Christenings. First Death. The Port Road. The Trafalgar-street Ditch. Fires. Condition of Nelson at end of March, 1842. Climate. The Wood. Prices of Provisions. Wages
Pages 1726
Chapter IV.
The Wakefield System. Dissatisfaction of Land Selectors and Labourers. Government and Company. Coal Discoveries. First Bank. First Schools. Price of Bullocks. Some early Payments. First Bridges. First Licensing Meeting. Meeting of Benefit Society. The page break"Squatters." Complaints against Government. Delay in Paying for Services. First Ploughing. Eight Hours System. Freemasons. Rechabites. Distribution of Suburban Lands. First Wesleyan Service. Rev. S. Ironside. Visit of Bishop Selwyn. Rev. C. L. Reay. Rev. Charles Saxton. Captain Wakefield visits Massacre Bay. What Nelson cost. Delay in establishing Courts of Justice. Land Purchasers' Complaints. Divine Service first held at Waimea. The United Christians. Do you want a Harbour Master? Inefficiency of the Police. First Public School opened. Distress amongst Labourers. Distribution of Suburban Sections. Position of the Company towards the Labourers. Return of Mr. Tuckett from Wairau. Reports Discovery of splendid Land. Deputation of Labourers. Visit of Acting Governor. Visit of Te Rauparaha and Rangihaeta. Anniversary Day, 1843.
Pages 3044
Chapter V.
The Wairau Massacre.—Indirect Causes. The Murder of Kuika. The Massacre Bay Affair. Newspaper Articles. The direct Cause. Attempt to Survey the Wairau. Te Rauparaha's Claim to the Land. The New Zealand Company's Title. Arrival of Survey Party. Rauparaha and Rangihaeta Surveys interfered with. Carefully remove Surveyors' Goods. Burn the Raupo, Tent Poles, and Tent Pegs Mr. Cotterell sent to Nelson. Lays Information. Warrant issued against Rauparaha and Rangihaeta for Arson. Magistrates and Constables leave by Government Brig. Arrival at Wairau. Reach the Maori Camp. Captain Wakefield's Instructions. Saturday, 17th June, 1843. The Police Magistrate and the Chiefs. They refuse to go on board Brig. The armed Men advance. First mysterious Shot. Volleys fired. Retreat up the Hill. Mr. Cotterell. Captain Wakefield orders Arms to be laid down. Flag of Truce. Natives cease Firing. Surround and massacre Europeans. Native Accounts. Rangihaeta's Wife killed. The Rev. S. Ironside. Search for and Burial of Dead. List of Killed, Wounded, and Escaped. How Nelson received the News. The Deputation to Auckland. The Views of the Governor. Memorial to Sir George Gipps. Visit of Sir Everard Home in H.M.S. "North Star." General Effect of Massacre.
Pages 4570
Chapter VI.
A Visit to the Motueka Pa. Redundancy of Labour. Cottier Farming. Mr. Tuckett, Acting Agent. His Troubles with the Labourers. Succeeded by Mr. Fox. Piece-work introduced. Encouragement to small Settlers. Attempts to Explore Route to Wairau. Heaphy's Exploration to the South-west. A Bachelor's Ball. Second Visit of Bishop Selwyn. Opening of Waimea Church. New Year's Day, 1844. Anniversary of Benefit Society. Resignation of Mr. Tuckett. Anniversary Day. Stoppage of Work by the Company. General Distress. Reminiscences by some Old Settlers. Growth and Progress of the Place. Visit of Governor Fitzroy. Resignation of Magistrates. Mr. Donald Sinclair appointed Police Magistrate. Laying of Foundation Stone of Brick School near the Eel Pond. Mr. Matthew Campbell. Visit of Bishop Pompallier and Father O'Reilly. Things begin to Improve. The German Settlements.
Pages 7186page break
Chapter VII.
New Year's Day, 1845. Election for Legislative Council. Mr. Domett declines. Completion of the Fort. Maori Troubles at Happy Valley. Interesting Event. Petition for Recall of Governor Fitzroy. Anniversary Day. Erection of Catholic Chapel. Presentation to Rev. S. Ironside. Meeting of Working Classes. Recall of Governor Fitzroy. Public Rejoicings. Lightband's Tannery. Explorations. Heaphy and Brunner. Brunner's memorable Journey. Governor Grey. Lieut.-Governor Eyre. Retirement of Mr. Donald Sinclair. Appointment of Major Richmond. Mr. Domett appointed Colonial Secretary. Mr. Fox appointed Attorney-General. Hon. C. A. Dillon appointed Commissioner of Crown Lands. Re-instatement of Magistrates. Influenza. First Selection of Rural Lands. Depasturing Licenses The Beaver. Mr. Jollie. Consolidation Awards. Compensation Awards. Compensation Scrip. The Home Government, and the Company. Final Settlement with Landowners. Purchase of Waitohi. Trust Funds Mr. Tytler retained. Mr. Henry Seymour goes Home to assist. Union Bank closed. Paper Money. Mr. Fox resigns Attorney-Generalship. Nominees to Council. Death of Colonel Wakefield. Earthquake. Laying Foundation Stone Presbyterian Church. Mr. Packard tries to take Cattle to Takaka Overland. Some Statistics. Foundation Stone of Christ Church laid. Mr. Webb's Explorations. The First Coal Mining Company. First Cloth-Weaving in Nelson.
Pages 87112
Chapter VIII.
Sir George Grey's Regulations. The Constitution Act. First Elections for House of Representatives. Calls to the Legislative Council. Our first Superintendent. Provincial Council Elections. First Meeting. First Provincial Executive. Address to Major Richmond. Steam Communication. The "Nelson." Deaths of Hon. C. A. Dillon and Mr. Otterson. Mr. Poynter appointed Resident Magistrate. Pakawau Coals. First Stag turned out. Nelson Beer. Town Drainage. Earthquake. Mr. F. A. Weld's Explorations. Death of Mr. Stephens. Education Act passed First Town Board. Dun Mountain Copper. Mr. Stafford appointed First Minister of the Crown. Resigns Superintendency. The Nelson "Supper Party." Mr. J. P. Robinson elected Superintendent. Nelson College started. Motueka Gold Rush. 'Colonist' Newspaper. Separation of Wairan. Foundation Stone of Government Buildings and Nelson Institute laid. Dr. Von Hochstetter. Sixth Session of Provincial Council. Mineral Leases. Compensation Claims. Coal Company.
Pages 113126
Chapter IX.
The Taranaki Refugees. Trafalgar Park. Railway Proposals. Volunteer Corps established. Explorations by Mr. W. T. L. Travers. Sir Julius Von Haast, Mr. James Mackay, jun., Mr. Rochfort, and Mr. Burnett. Wreck of the Delaware. Presentation to Julia, Martin, and other Maoris. Opening up the Interior. Track down the Buller. Progress of Gold Mining. Depression in Nelson. West Coast Rush. Effect in Nelson. The Superintendent and three others Drowned. Character of Mr. Robinson. Sorrow of the Nelson People. Mr. Saunders elected Superintendent His first Executive. Mr. J. C. Richmond resigns as Commissioner of Crown page breakLands. Mr. Sannders' Political Difficulties. Dissolution of Provincial Council. Mr. Saunders re-elected Superintendent. Provincial Council Elections. Steamer "Kennedy" arrives. The Steamer "Nelson." First Steamer to enter Hokitika River
Pages 127142
Chapter X.
Gold Discoveries. Massacre Bay. The Buller. Lyell Nuggets. Rush to Hokitika and the Grey. Mr. Blackett as Warden. Mr. Kynnersley. George Moonlight. Appointment of Wardens. Prospecting at the Buller. Cobden. Fox's Rush. Charleston. Reefton. Future Prospects. Owen. Brown's Terrace. Lyell. Visit of Sir George George Grey. Progress of Nelson since his last Visit. Mr. Curtis elected Superintendent. West Coast Members of Provincial Council. General Assembly Elections. Sir David Monro knighted. Maungatapu Murders. Arrival of Bishop Suter. Opening of the Waterworks. Death of Mr. Poynter. Mr. Sharp appointed Resident Magistrate.
Pages 143154
Chapter XI.
Education.—First Public School. The Nelson School Society. Annual School Feast. Denominational Schools. The Bishop's School. St. Mary's Schools. The Nelson Education System. Foundation and History of Nelson College. The Churches.—The Church of England. The Presbyterian Church. The Wesleyan Methodist Church. The Congregational Church. The Baptist Church. The Roman Catholic Church.
Pages 155176
Chapter XII.
The Provincial Government 1853 to 1875. Abolition of the Board of Works. Establishment of the Municipal Corporation. The first, and successive Mayors of Nelson. Waterworks and Gasworks. Municipal Statistics. Nelson Fire Brigade. Progress of the Port. Freemasonry. Odd-Fellowship. Ancient Order of Foresters. Rechabites. Good Templars. Further Particulars of the Nelson Bank. How Foxhill was named. Death of Sir David Monro. The Supreme Court. The County and District Courts. Resignation of Mr. John Sharp, R.M. The Nelson Resident Magistrates. Amateur Musical Society's First Concert. The Harmonic Society. Death of Mr. J. S. Cross.
Pages 177194
Chapter XIII.
The Volunteers. The Railway Agitaticn. Acclimatization. Horse Breeding and Horse Racing. Some Notes of Local Events. Celebration of the Queen's Jubilee. The End.
Pages 195205.