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The World Is Yours — A Tale of the Yukon

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The World Is Yours
A Tale of the Yukon

The Yukon—scene of a thousand stories, and yet new and different in G. B. Lancaster's graphic presentation; familiar, in a sense, as the reader's own present surroundings, and yet hauntingly distant and unattainable—here is the setting of this rich new novel by the author of Pageant. Both Yukon and story, however, are definitely modern, of the present day. This Yukon the writer has captured in a succession of brilliantly descriptive pages.

The setting is at once a spectacle and a presence; it stands in the novel as a leading character. The main thread of narrative is the story of Tamsin MacDonald and Kirk Regard, young people caught up in this wild setting in life's age-old comedy-drama; the girl in the completest sense a daughter of the wild, having, indeed, a mystic attachment for its hilly silences, and yet essentially a clear-headed, vitally alive young person of to-day; the man, active, handsome, virile; one who had fought in the war and returned unmarked save for a restlessness of spirit and a lighter regard for life. The killing of a man off the tracks of the Mounted Police leaves complications that are further twisted by the possessive interference of the young people's elders. The author keeps a firm grip of her narrative. The story, with its background of majestic spectacle, unfolds in a well-sustained atmosphere of suspense, leading to a strongly presented climax.