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New York Times:—“A story chock-full of incident: hold-ups, dinner parties punctuated by rifle shots, all-night fights among the hills. You have the impression that the tale is being told by a participant in the events…. A drama of life. At least a hundred people are in the show, but the most slightly sketched among them is felt to be an asset that adds to the richness of the scene. The author has had access to family memoirs and island traditions which have enabled her to resurrect the life of the pioneers with fidelity.”

The Observer (London):—“Long, full, rich. Assuredly should be a best-seller.”

Morning Post (London):—“Fine, virile, and graphic in style, spacious in atmosphere and treatment … gives us two of the most exquisite feminine portraits that I have seen for a long time…. There is not a faltering stroke.… To have read Pageant is to have added to that company of unincarnated friends whom we may yet meet at will … wholly masterly.”

The Times (London):—“Moves with unflagging zest. Every character has a separate and individual life. A fascinating record seen with the romance that always clings to a lost cause.”

Daily News (Perth):—“Pageant gives me confidence to predict for it a permanent place in English as well as Australian literature. Not since The Fortunes of Richard Mahoney have we had an Australian novel so satisfying in treatment, so broad in outlook, or so brilliant in characterization.”