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The Autobiography of a Maori

Wiping out a Sad Past

Wiping out a Sad Past

My unmanliness preyed on my mind and I determined that I would make amends for my failure at the first opportunity. Another fine day induced us page 137to go out once more to the rocks. We caught only one fish with our hand-net, but we found a colony of pauas. Kate suggested that we should look for crayfish. I readily agreed, hoping to wipe out my past. Kate caught three small ones, but I was after big game—a pawharu, or full-sized crayfish. I was feeling along with my foot when I put it into a hole and felt a large crustacean. I dived, forgetful that a stingaree might be about, and with both hands I gripped the large crayfish and bore it ashore with glee. I had retrieved my reputation and had regained Kate's respect.