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The Autobiography of a Maori

Huhuti Swims to Her Lover

Huhuti Swims to Her Lover

The little island in Roto-a-Tara was also the home of Whatuiapiti, the grand-ancestor of the Hawke's Bay page 83tribe. He once met a young chieftainess, named Huhuti, of a neighbouring tribe and made advances to her, but her people opposed the match. Huhuti took matters into her own hands and ran away to Roto-a-Tara. She arrived on the shore of the lake at night and, failing to find a canoe to take her across, she decided to swim to the little island on which her lover lived. Arriving at the island she waited in the water until somebody came along and she then sent a message to Whatuiapiti that she had come and was waiting for him to take her to his home.