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Discoverers of the Cook Islands and the Names They Gave


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First of all I am indebted to Mr S. Kingan and the other members of the 1972/73 Council of the Library and Museum Society for the encouragement they gave me, and for their decision to publish this book as the first Bulletin of the Society.

My special thanks are due to Sister Agnes Liston, Headmistress of the St Joseph's School, Tutakimoa, for preparing most of the drawings, and to Mr B. Chitty who never tired of bringing me his typewriters; he also drew some of the illustrations.

I am grateful too to Mr I. Calder, Principal of the Training College, for checking the manuscript to eliminate the ‘Double Dutch’, and to Mr B. Lockie who converted the English measurements into the metric system.

The Librarian of the Cook Islands Library, Mrs C. Temata, and her assistant, Mrs T. Urirau, have been most helpful. Miss R.R. Heyum, Curator of the Pacific Collection of the University of Hawaii, Honolulu, assisted me too. Many thanks to them.

Mr G. Cowan, Chief Surveyor, kindly granted permission to reproduce maps drawn in or for the Survey Department of the Cook Islands.

Last but not least, beyond words is the gratitude I feel towards Mr Taira Rere, Headmaster of the Nikao Maori School, who taught me his mother-tongue and patiently tried to give me some insight in the customs of his people. He has to share it, however, with his kind wife.


May 1973