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Henry Ancrum: A Tale of the Last War in New Zealand, Volume 1

Tinsley Brothers' New Novels

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Tinsley Brothers' New Novels.

Notice.—A New Novel by Henry Kingsley.

  • The Harveys, By Henry Kingsley, Author of "Old Margaret," "Hetty," "Geoffry Hamlyn," &ç.
  • Two Plunges for a Pearl. By Mortimer Collins, Author of "The Vivian Romance," &c. 2 vols.
  • Barbara Heathcote's Trial. By the Author of "Nellie's Memories," "Wee Wifie," &c. 3 vols.
  • Title and Estate. A New Novel. By F. Lancaster. 3 vols.
  • Only an Ensign. By James Grant, Author of "The Romance of War," "Lady Wedderburn's Wish," "Under the Red Dragon," &c. 3 vols.
  • The Sapphire Cross: a Tale of Two Generations, By G. M. Fenn, Author of "Bent, not Broken," &c. 3 vols.
  • Wide of the Mark. By the Author of "Recommended to Mercy," "Taken upon Trust," &c. 3 vols.
  • Hollowhill Farm. By John Edwardson. 3 vols.
  • Bide Time and Tide. By J. T. Newall, Author of "The Eastern Hunters," "The Gage of Honour," &c. 3 vols.
  • Tregarthen Hall. By James Garland, 3 vols.
  • Lady Judith. By Justin McCarthy, Author of "The Waterdale Neighbours," &c. 3 vols.
  • Sundered Lives. By Wybert Reeve, Author of "Won at Last," &c. 3 vols.
  • Old as the Hills. By Douglas Morey Ford. 3 vols.
  • Not Wooed, but Won. By the Author of "Lost Sir Massingberd," "Found Dead," &c. 3 vols.
  • Joshua Marvel. By B. L. Farjeon, Author of "Grif," &c. 3 vols.
  • The Prussian Spy. By V. Valmont. 2 vols.
  • Nomads of the North. A Tale of Lapland. Translated from the Swedish of G. H. Mellin by J. Lovel Hadwin. 1 vol.
  • Sentenced by Fate. By Selwyn Eyre. 3 vols.
  • Edith. By C. A. Lee. 2 vols.
  • The Cambridge Freshman: or, Memoir of Mr. Golightly. By Martin Legrand, with numerous Illustrations by "Phiz." 1 vol., 6s.

Tinsley Brothers' 18, Catherine Street, Strand.